IN PROGRESS: 40K Terrain

Hey all. There has been nothing worse for me than building a wargame table and not playing a single game on it… The main reason is that there is no terrain. True, I can use styrofoam packaging and cardboard boxes. I even went the route of starting some foamcore buildings. But not of that seemed to cut it for me. So, for this passed Christmas, I requested a Citadel Battleboard and an Imperial Sector. Santa delivered, and my workshop is busy.

So, for this long holiday weekend, I embarked on the journey of building some buildings. And, boy did I build. While watching my Penguins thrash the Flyers and then crush the Rangers, I set to assembling the Imperial Sector.







As you can see, I was busy. Three structures built. I still need to mount them and add the usual 40K touches, but I now have terrain. And they are pretty sizable too.

At first the pieces didn’t go together as intuitively as one may think. There are only tabs and slots on one side of each wall piece which made it seem like pieces of the kit were only meant to fit on certain pieces. I originally thought I was doing something wrong. Then, after assembling 3 parts of the walls, I dry fit the floors – and they didn’t fit.

So frustratingly, I made a quick run to my local GW and had a talk with my fellow hobbyists. After asking around, I found out that the kits required some work. A Dremel, a saw, a drill, etc…

I found out that I actually needed to cut the floor pieces to fit inside the walls and had to make other modifications to the kit to get things to fit properly.

So, after my inquiries, I went back home to get to assembling. Once you get the hang of it, and have the proper tools, the building kits a re a LOT of fun. I went out and picked up another Manufactorum kit to build a tower. I may hold off on that for this weekend. But, finally, my table has some terrain. Now — if only I had a finished army…

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