IN PROGRESS: Chaos Chosen World Eaters

Yesterday I continued testing out paint techniques for an upcoming World Eaters project. It’s been so cold here in the DC area, I cannot go into the garage and prime, so I have been looking for a spray primer I can push through my airbrush. I stopped by Michaels yesterday and found some SpectraTex Opaque Jet Black paint that was made for airbrushes.

So I got home and hung out with the wife and kid. Washed the dishes, watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory and put the girls to bed. Then I descended to the mancave to start my experimentation.

Upon first glance, the SpectraTex paint went on SSSSOOOOOOOOO smooth. Oh, man. The whole time I was spraying, I was mentioning to myself how smooth the coat from this paint was. The only issue I had with it was that I have been using Camouflage paint for so long — with it’s flat black finish — that the glossy finish of the airbrush paint was a bit jarring. I mean, it was glossy like Games Workshop’s primer. If you haven’t used anything but GW primers, then you wouldn’t understand. But if you come from another brand, especially a sexy flat black like Krylon’s or Rustoleum’s Camouflage paint, then you know what I was dealing with. I also ran a finger over the paint a few minutes later to see how quickly it dried, and the paint was rubbing off in places. This paint was not really a primer, so I kind of expected that, but for my painting conditions, I think this paint may work.

After the black application, I “dual primed” using Vallejo’s grey primer. I thinned this down a bit and shot it through the airbrush. I sprayed on top of the model so I could preserve the black primer in the recesses.





After that, I applied a couple of thinned down coats of Vallejo Model Air Scarlet Red. Man, this stuff is bright. I tested some models before and knew that the paint at full-strength was a tough color. So I thinned it down a bit and got the color I was looking for.



I have 3 models to this point. I plan to do the outlining of the armor tonight, and maybe applying the gold trim to a model or two. I have one mini with the majority of its detail work done.


I will spend some time this weekend learning how to apply an oil wash. My goal is to get the whole squad of 10 guys — and my skills — to the point where I can oil wash them all the weekend after next.

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