STUDIO UPDATE: January 7, 2013

Happy Monday! Not that it’s all that happy, but, hey, we’re alive! And if we’re alive, it can’t be all that bad because it means we can paint!

And speaking of painting… I had quite a busy week that concluded with most of a Dark Vengeance Chaos Chosen model being painted.

The weekend started off with a trip to the dump to throw away remnants of a home improvement project I have been involved in. It was time to clean out the garage and throw away a bunch of stuff. Pretty uneventful, but hey — it had to be done… After the trip to the dump, it was taking the daughter to dance class. Again, pretty uneventful. Finally, I went to Magfest! It was already mid-afternoon, so I didn’t get involved in too many things. I didn’t go to any of the panels or anything. I just hung out in the dealer’s room and caught up with a group of friends who had been there the whole week.

The dealer’s room was meh. I didn’t spend any money. There really wasn’t anything I was interested in. That’s kind of the bad thing about cons and festivals for me now. I usually go for the dealer rooms because I expect to see hard-to find or import-only items at decent prices. Instead, it’s the same stuff I can get off Amazon.com at a special +10% con/fest cost. This has made me rethink my con/fest-going lately. I will give this festival 1 more chance next year, and I will plan to go to some panels and maybe stay for the whole event. Although having a festival start on a Thursday is a bit bizarre.

One other thing about Magfest is that the game room was mostly out of order. I guess people banged those arcades to death. I was disappointed. One of my favorite arcade games of all time, Gyruss, has a broken joystick. 🙁


I did run into an old classic. I had this game on the Colecovision back in the day and used to beat it to death! This weekend, I couldn’t get past the first level… smh…


There were plenty of people in cosplay. Some well-done. Some — not so much. Here’s one of the good ones. The only thing they’re really missing is a Claptrap!


To conclude my time at the festival, my group of friends and I played Settlers of Catan. I have heard a lot about this game, but have never played it. After playing, I told my wife that I am buying it. It’s a very simple game and one that everyone should play. It was awesome!



Warhammer 40K: World Eaters

I finally got a nice block of time to sit down and work on a color scheme for my friend’s World Eaters that I am painting up. Obviously the color is red, so there really isn’t much color scheming to be done, but the techniques for applying the colors needed to be practiced. I got most of the model completed during the football games and shot a photo to send to my friend to see if he liked the scheme. It does look better in person, but I need to apply an oil wash to make the model pop and have the colors stand out a bit more. With that said, here’s what I got so far…


So far, so good. Hopefully I can get some more time to paint. My Chaos Dwarfs are eager to get finished and my New Year’s resolution is being shattered! I still have not played a game and I already have plans to paint 3 armies with the thoughts of upgrading my Orks to the list… Stay tuned!

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