STUDIO UPDATE: January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! We should be in for another great year in the plastic model kit industry. We saw quite an explosion last year with companies like Privateer Press, Corvis Belli and Malifaux making their presence felt on the scene. And with products like Kingdom Death’s horror board game and Zombiecide hitting the interwebs, it looks like board games are making a strong resurgence, especially games with a plastic model aspect to it. Hopefully 2013 sees more growth and more offerings!

Did you make any resolutions yet? I almost broke my first one already, but I decided to turn off the laptop and leave the big boobs website I was visiting before I reached for the lotion… One of my other resolutions was to play more and build less. I have been such a serial army builder that I have neglected the gaming aspect in most systems. I have been in the wargaming hobby for only a few years, but in that span I have seen 3 editions of both Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy Battles come and go. I have played only a handful of 40K games and ZERO fantasy games. Well, I did try that “learn-to-play” where I had to proxy Skaven for Chaos Dwarfs, but I really don’t count that one. One of my hobby goals is to get 1 army of each system I play to completion. I started off the year right, making a small dent in the Chaos Dwarfs army. I got half of a Fireglaives unit painted. I still need to apply an oil wash and do some detail work. But, hey, they have paint on them.


Christmas Spoils

Well, with the holidays over, I get a chance to try out the spoils from my main man, Santa. This year, I guess I have been on the so-so list. Not particularly naughty. Not particularly nice. My theme this year was all about tools and organization.

It all started with the unwrapping of my new Grex XG airbrush.

Grex XG Airbrush

I haven’t had a chance to really play with it yet, but I ran some water through it to get a feel for it. It feels a bit lighter than my Iwata HP-C+ and is a hair shorter. The shape feels good. It’s more ovular than the Iwata. I have a friend’s World Eaters units to complete, so I am hoping to get the opportunity to test this thing out.

I need to go to some airbrush workshops or something. One of my goals this year is to improve my painting.I want to include the airbrush as one of my main tools, and I need to get better with a regular brush also.

On the organization side of things, Santa dropped off a few of the Back-2-Base-IX Rack sections.


I got 3 of the large racks with 2 drawers and a 45 degree section. After spending all of Christmas night assembling the units, I can officially say that I am very pleased thus far. It fits on my desk well. It’s a lot smaller than I thought it was, but it is a very nice unit. I still have a ton of paints that don’t fit in the unit, but I will get another storage solution for that. The Rack will sit on my desk and hold my most frequently used paints, additives, brushes and tools. I added the magnets and all, so it functions as one large unit. I realized, after I built it, that I should have asked Santa for 2 90 degree external pieces to put on the ends. But I guess I can pony over the cash to make that happen. The units are not expensive, and with the different paint configurations and multiple tiers, the Rack is one of my best requests thus far.

To promote my resolution of playing more games, my main man, Santa hit me up with the Citadel Realm of Battle gameboard for my wargame table I built last year.


It fits nice and snug and will DEFINITELY get heavy use. It’s the same gameboard that’s featured on the tables in the Games Workshop stores. Completely modular, I think I will get some of the additional pieces so I can have a board without hills to play some Warmachine or some Infinity. This year’s theme is definitely PLAY, and this will help accommodate that very well.

I can’t forget about the gift I got that I can actually PLAY with. I managed to snag a box of Halo Risk. I have never played Risk. I know — sacrilegious to most wargamers, but remember, I got into this hobby through the model building ad not the playing… I promise to throw down on the table soon.

To top it all off, I got a chance to play my first pen and paper RPG last weekend with some friends. We played a Borderlands story and I had a blast! Looking very forward to playing again.

Con/Fest Alert

Is it a con? Is it a festival? That has been a debate I have seen on the internet over the last couple of months. Whatever it is, it’s a gathering of gamers. Magfest (magfest dot org) is happening down the road this coming weekend. I plan to go on Saturday. Not planning to turn it in to a whole weekend thing. Just wanna go and hang out with some friends for the day. If you are in the DC area, check out this con/fest at the Gaylord Hotel in the National Harbor. $35 for a one day pass and $65, I think, for the weekend. Plenty of game tournaments and open play areas. I’ll have some pics when I get back!

I think that’s it for a quick summary about what’s been going on in the studio. Until next time, keep your paintbrushes clean… and stay off the titty sites.

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