STUDIO UPDATE: November 21, 2012

Happy day before Thanksgiving! I am sitting at work, staring at the clock, hoping that it would magically accelerate so I could get outta here and get to the REAL work — putting together an army of plastic soldiers!

Warhammer 40K: Necrons

The Necrons are on the move. I got the majority of the remaining warriors completed. They need basing and painting. I should be able to knock that out today or tomorrow. I also have a box of Immortals I plan to get together. However, I needed to order some more bases from DragonForge for my Immortals. Unfortinately the unit won’t be finished until the bases come in…

I also ordered some bases for my Canoptek Spyders — one of a many units that have been neglected lately. Once I get this first 1,500 points completed, I’ll show some love to the shelved units. I have 3 Spyders, along with a bunch of custom sculpted Scarab swarms and a unit of Tomb Blades that all need some attention.

Warhammer Fantasy

My Chaos Dwarfs have been sitting, unassembled on the shelf for way too long. I had a resurgence in getting them assembled earlier this year, but my indecision in bases and color scheme led me to put them down until I made a decision. I still don’t think I am 100% sure that I know what I am going to do with them, but I would like to get them on the table in the very near future.

I wanna get a few of the Bull Centaur Renders to finish this army off. I pretty much have everything else. I just need to get it assembled and painted.

War of the Rings

With the Hobbit movie coming out, I am sure GW is gonna ramp up their efforts to get people back to War of the Rings. I started a Mordor army, but that has been sadly in the depths of the army collections. A lot of my friends play, but I haven’t quite caught onto it. I am interested in the game, I just need to get my army built. Maybe I’ll pick up a Ringwraith on the way home today. I don’t think there is much left for me to get with this army. I think I have all of the models I need, with a couple of exceptions. But I may watch the LotR trilogy this weekend and become motivated again.

Comic Book Run

Spiderman #698 hits shelves today! I got mine on hold, and I got word that a 2nd print with variant cover is on its way. I gotta get that one too. Hitting up Steve and Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD this weekend! I haven’t been to his new shop, and I can’t wait to catch up with him. Steve is the coolest comic book guy I have EVER met. I knew him back when he was working at a shop in Bowie, MD — now, he’s a hot shot owner with a couple of stores. Trying to get him to NoVA! C’mon Steve, NoVA needs a Third Eye!

Anime Corner

Not much in the Daily Deals that I am interested in today. The new weekly deals should hit tomorrow, but may or may not happen because of the holiday. I’ll stay posted to see what new items go on sale. Something to watch or read during the holidays when the family gets all liquored up and I need to retreat to a quiet corner.

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