STUDIO UPDATE: November 20th, 2012

Feeling a little better than yesterday, but still not feeling like myself.

I managed to knock out a few Necron Warriors last night.

I still have a dozen or so left. But I needed to order some bits to get them finished. I made a trade with my brother — my Tau for his Necrons — an he gave me a bunch of legs… Nothing else. Just a bunch of legs. I had to order some torsos, heads and arms. I definitely jerked myself on that deal. His Tau army should be quite robust now. But that’s okay. Mine looks better 😉

Today I will continue slaving away at Necron Warriors. Hopefully i can get the remaining warriors completed, then get them based and primed while the weather is supposed to be decent.

The holidays are upon us. I can’t believe it’s freakin’ Thanksgiving already! I need to write up a list of all the projects I wanna get done. I still have a Necron Triarch Stalker that needs to be prepared for painting. I need to sand down the joints and gap fill some of the larger seams. I did this with the other Stalker, but I managed to miss a couple. It’s not a competition piece, but I still want it to look awesome on the table. I may add a third to the army, but that may come later. I still wanna beef up my Immortals squads and add a few extra destroyers.

While I am spending so much time on Necrons, I am kinda neglecting my Chaos Iron Warriors. There’s so much left to do with them, and it’s detail work. I need to clean and assemble the Forgeworld MkIII Iron Armour-clad marines, salvage the Defiler, build Defiler #3, finish stippling the 6 Vindicators and get them weathered, and assemble units of Havocs.

…and that’s just the start.

I think I have resorted to trying to finish Necrons, because I am seeing progress. I received the Battlefoam trays to transport the army, so I think that’s the reason I am focusing on the ‘Crons.

I took my daily trip over to Rightstuf and checked out the Deal of the Day. I was excited to see the new Queens Blade dvd — Queen’s Blade 2: The Evil Eye DVD Complete Series (Hyb). I have Exiled Virgin and I will be happy to add this one to the collection.

While I have been on my comic book kick lately, I can’t forget about my love for good manga. There are a couple of new titles I wanna check out.

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