STUDIO UPDATE: November 15th, 2012

I figured I’d try something new. Instead of trying to update old posts with new images, I’d just create a series of frequent posts of what’s going on in my hobby workshop.

Games Workshop – 40K Chaos Iron Warriors

So, for today, I have some progress images of my Chaos Warpsmith. He is going to be used as my Iron Warriors HQ choice.

I like this model, but I am a little upset that it’s Finecast. When the tentacles break off during transport, I will be REALLY pissed! But for the time-being, he’s a pretty cool model. There’s still some work that needs to be done with him. I need to finish up the cables, armour, weapon, head, backpack and base. I plan to have him completed this weekend — in between me finishing up the installation of laminate wood flooring in my house…

Next up on deck is the Chaos Heldrake.

I applied my usual Iron Warriors vehicle paint scheme to this beast. The oval Sulaco DS base was ordered from Fenris Games. A pin was stuck through the base and into the flight peg and secured with super glue. Hopefully this holds.

Chaos was one of my first armies, and I have a LOT of poorly built models. One model I am trying to rescue is this poor Chaos Defiler.

I managed to pull it apart with minimal breakage. I am in the process of cleaning and reassembling the model. I think I bought this model from Games Workshop at fifty bucks a few years ago. Now I think the model is in the ballpark of $73. No way I am NOT going to try to fix this model…

Privateer Press – Warmachine Retribution

I have been all over the place in the last few weeks with my hobbying, I managed to assemble and paint a couple of Warmachine Retribution models.

I picked up some Createx Pearlescent White paint and ran it through my airbrush.

Then I touched up the detail work with some Reaper Master Series Mint Green. Not sure if/how I want to weather these models. I may just leave them as-is. I ordered some bases Forgotten Empire bases from DragonForge, so I hope to have them in the next week or so.

Games Workshop – 40K Necron

And back to 40K I go with some Necron updates. I did a little detail work on my Triarch Stalker.

I received the Ancient Ruins bases I ordered from Dragon Forge and I will finish off the Necron Immortal and Necron Warriors models that still need bases.

In addition, I got some scenic bases for my Annihilation Barges, along with some aluminum pegs to keep the pegs from breaking off..

Very happy with the design and craftsmanship of these bases!

Forgeworld – Fantasy Chaos Dwarfs

I have been wracking my brain with a paint scheme for my Chaos Dwarfs from Forgeworld. I had a conversation about Warhammer at the local Games Workshop and I am eager to get these guys on the table. I am having some difficulty with getting them to fit properly on the resin bases. They are very bulky miniatures and have a hard enough time ranking up on regular 20mm bases…

But I think I have packed it in and will resort to a metallic paint scheme with few frills. Maybe I can get fancy with the weathering or something, but I just wanna see them on the table.

Infinity – Yu Jing

Lastly, Are these guys… I have been staring at them for the passed few months and I have NO IDEA what to do with them. Do I play them? Do I sit them. Do I paint them? Do I sell them? I let a gamer talk me into picking up Infinity, but there really isn’t a community here. The models are amazingly well-detailed, but — I don’t know…

…and the compressor pushes on…

And if I didn’t have enough already on my plate, I am painting some World Eaters for a friend of mine. Nothing overly complicated. Simple post-Heresy red paint job. I have decided on black accents to pop and a darker gold trim.

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