REVIEW: Fenris Games 25mm DS Sulaco Resin Bases

I will preclude this review with this statement: I LOVE these bases!

I have purchased the DS Sulaco line for all of my Iron Warriors, and supplemented the coordinating SF Ark bases for a little variety. There are several reasons I am overwhelmingly pleased with these bases. I’ll list a few:

  • The bases are very low profile. Unlike many scenic resin bases, these bases are incredibly thin. Personally, I like that. I’m not a huge fan of having models up on humongous rocks unless they are display models. Everyone has their preference. That’s just mine.
  • The are nice quality. Very few bubbles. Pretty dense material. The edges may need a little trimming, but it’s incredibly minor — unlike some other bases I have received in the mail…
  • They look awesome! I guess this is the one that really matters to me. I have been able to maintain that heavy metal look I like for my Iron Warriors. I painted a few warning stripes and chevrons on the bases, and added a little rusty weathering, and they look amazing!

I am incredibly pleased with this product. I have placed orders and received them within a week — and they are coming from overseas! Can’t rave more about them. Check out the complete line of bases at Fenris Games. For up-to-the-minute updates and to see what’s next up on deck, LIKE their fan page on Facebook.

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