IN PROGRESS: Chaos Heldrake

The Iron Warriors are expanding. With the arrival of the new Chaos Space Marines Codex, come reinforcements to the only chapter that matters! 😉

Iron Warriors are big believers in the use of daemon engines. With the new Chaos release, 2 new daemon engines are added to the daemon engine offering.

While one, and possibly my new favorite, the Maulerfiend, is a giant battering ram, the Heldrake is a controller of the skies. A mixture of machine, dragon and rottweiler (the tail is non-existent…), this winged machine is the new flyer addition to Chaos. While I would have rather a Stormraven or something of the sort, I’ll reluctantly add a couple of these to the collection.

For starters, the kit doesn’t contain a load of bits. Not complaining. Just saying that it’s nothing like the Stormraven or the Baneblade I am assembling… It’s more like the Land Raider minus the tracks (those are a pain to assemble…). The kit dry-fitted pretty well, but if you’re anything like me, you’re thinking the overlapping armor pieces are a gonna be a nightmare to paint.

After giving the beast a warm bubble bath and toothbrush scrubbing, I used some superglue to assemble the model so I can pop parts apart after priming. I’ll assemble and paint this in pieces. I have no idea why I am so anal about this. It’s not like I am Golden Daemon-worthy yet, but I guess I am a glutton for punishment and enjoy the headache I could create for myself while approaching the model this way.

The top-half of the body went together quite simply. They are probably the biggest pieces on the sprue.

After assembling that, I put it aside so I can spray prime it.

Next up was the neck and head. I immediately saw a need for unnecessary overindulgence… The Heldrake comes with 2 different weapons options. After dryfitting the neck, I noticed that there is a small ball that fits into the head and the head has 2 small grooves on either side of where the ball joint fits — almost the perfect size for a 3/16″ magnet… So I decided to visit K&J Magnetics and proceeded to order a 1/8″ spherical magnet to fit in the socket. I also slightly widened the holes for the magnets to go in the head. My idea is that I can swap heads with the different weapon kits… See, I told you. Unnecessary overindulgence.

I also visited one of my favorite resin base artists, Fenris Games, and ordered a couple of round-lipped oval Sulaco DS bases. I think the model will look good on this, and it will match the rest of the army’s bases.

While I wait for the magnets to get delivered, I assembled the wings and the remaining bits. All-in-all, the model took less than an hour to assemble. Again, I am not a huge fan of this model. There are some definite design issues. If I were a sculptor, I could convert something. But I’m not, so I won’t…

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