REVIEW: Games Workshop Digital White Dwarf

I recently purchased the digital version of Games Workshop’s White Dwarf for my iPad and I have one word – WOW!

I was blown away by the presentation. Subtle uses of animation and added digital features like 360 degree model viewer are nice touches.

The app ran pretty smoothly and the multimedia video was awesome. There was a battle report posted — Chaos Space Marines vs. Space Marines — in which the players afterwards were interviewed and spoke about the units they used and the unit’s performance in-game.

GW definitely set the bar high with this one. Maybe it’s because I am such a Chaos fan. What I would like to see in coming months are a possible ‘Eavy Metal video tutorial, trailers for new models and books and a possible location-based alert to let you know when shops and stores near you are holding events or have models available for pre-order.

All-in-all, the experience was positive. Looking forward to seeing how White Dwarf maintains and builds on the new format. A a graphic designer and web developer, I am definitely keeping my eyes open.

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