R.I.P. Iwata HP-C+

A couple of nights ago, I broke my airbrush. I over screwed the nozzle and the threads broke off inside the body. Probably not very difficult to fix, but I learned a valuable lesson in the hobby.

Although my first airbrush, I admit I have been a bit tough on it. I don’t think I gave it a proper cleaning. I mean, I’d take it apart after every spray session and rinse it with water, but I didn’t get the cleaning brushes or anything and let the paint dry in the cup a couple of times.

I had a very difficulty time in the beginning figuring out what a properly thinned acrylic paint should look like. And even though I finally figured out the formula to a perfect spray one day, I’d run into paint splotches and clogged nozzles the next. After doing a little research, I realized that the splotches happen due to a bent needle tip. Which makes sense, since I dropped the needle and it got impaled in my hardwood floor…

I used a variety of company’s paints to experiment with and tried all manners of thinners.

Now I miss my airbrush dearly. I have a Chaos Hellbrute that I’d like to get knocked out, but now I have to order a new needle and a spray nozzle.

Once I receive that, I promise to take care of my airbrush so it lasts me for a long time. In the meantime, I also need to invest in a more airbrush-friendly compressor. I like the Iwata Power Jet Pro. It may be more compressor than what I need right now, but I am considering a Harder Steenbeck Infinity to get thinner lines and be able to work my way up to more detailed work.

Stay tuned!

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