IN PROGRESS: Chaos Dark Vengeance

It’s coming! It’s finally coming! The Chaos codex is on its way from Games Workshop. I already have mine on pre-order, as well as a few of the new models. In the meantime, I picked up a few models from the newly-released Dark Vengeance starter box off of ebay to add to my ever-expanding Chaos Iron Warriors army.

So while running around in Pandora has sucked up the majority of my time, I have managed to fit in a few hobby projects. I began by dry-fitting the Dark Vengeance models. They are pretty well done for snap-together models. Pretty well detailed. I have been going back and forth about color scheme, but I just broke down and decided they will all be Iron Warriors. I was considering World Eaters for a bit, but I think I am more of an Emperor’s Child than a World Eater. Blame it on the debauchery…

I decided to start with my favorite model of the Dark Vengeance starter box — the Chaos Lord. I was eager to throw some paint on him. I believe I am going for the traditional Iron Warriors silver, but I am going to experiment with an antique gold technique. Not so much of a technique as me stippling colors on top of other colors to try and get an antique gold look.

I went to Michael’s craft store and picked up a pack of tiny round brushes. I cut the bristles to give me a short, flat surface. Good for stippling. Allows me to control the stippling  a bit.

I think I may have done this backwards, but I started with the silver. I was still undecided on my colors for the antique gold, so I went ahead with what I knew. In the end, I have a feeling I am going to have to go back and retouch the silver after the gold stippling, but we’ll see how clean I can get it.

I think I made a decision on the antique gold. I started with a Scorched Brown base. Watered down and applied in thin coats. I love this color. It covers very well and looks awesome. Almost tempted to make this my legion color scheme… I basically painted everything that is going to be gold with the Scorched Brown.

For the gold trim, I started with Brazen Brass mixed with a tiny bit of Segorax Bronze. Much like drybrushing, I dip the brush in the paint and wipe off as much paint as I can. I am really looking for a controlled, cloud-like application. I want the edges to be really feathered. If I have too much paint on my brush, my application will have hard edges. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I’ll be looking for that effect a little later. But for now, I am looking for soft and powdery.

Next, I am going to add some of Reaper’s Antique Gold to the mix. Again, looking for a feathered edge. I also don’t want to cover up the previous layers completely. I need the paint to be somewhat opaque so I can see the underlying layers. Kinda tough with metallic paints, but it’s possible with some patience. Here’s what I have so far.

After that application, I am going to look to brighten it up a bit. I am going to go with straight Antique Gold. Again, another stippled layer, but I am going to have a bit more paint on my brush. I am getting to the point where I want the hard edges. Easy does it. Not too much. I like experimenting on the back of the model to ensure I have the right amount of paint. Since the cloak will hide the model’s entire back side, it’s a good place to do some prelim work before I get to the parts that will be seen.

Following this coat is a wash. I chose ________ as my wash. It helps to blend the colors together and make the application look more antiqued.

Once the wash is dry, I apply another Antique gold layer, followed by the mixture of Antique Gold and Shinig Gold. Final touch is a Shining Gold + Mithril Silver extreme edge highlight.

Once more, I add a wash, being sure to water it down to almost a glaze consistency.

Lookin’ good, but still a long way to go! Time to retouch the silver and give it some depth. I re-apply the Blackened Steel basecoat, followed up by a Tarnished Steel highlight.

The model is gloss varnished so I can add my final wash. A mixture of Nuln Oil and Earth Shade is applied to the whole model. Then with some Windex and a makeup applicator sponge, I wipe away the excess wash. What should happen is the wash should rest in the recesses and give way to the  ________________ highlight layer that was applied.

With the majority of the armour completed, it’s time to focus on the other bits. The backpack and the shoulder pads are major areas and a nice place to add a splash of color. Additionally, I am not sure what I am going to do with the cloak yet. I considered black with the Chaos emblem being yellow. I also considered a yellowish-tan for the cloak base with the black symbol. I also considered a dark teal and a bunch of other colors. But I have yet to pick anything.

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