IN PROGRESS: Back to the Loving Hold of Chaos

Welcome back. It’s been a while since I contributed to the site. I suffered a little burn out and a major schedule change with the little one going back to school. But over the long weekend, I managed to knock out a few projects and get some other projects primed for completion.

One of the new projects was an impulse purchase of a skyshield. No idea why I got this. Well, I do know. I wanted some terrain on my wargaming table, but why this piece instead of buildings or something escapes me… I think I let Bill sell me. He said that it was beneficial to Daemons in the new 6th edition rules. That’s cool. But I don’t have Daemons. Not yet, anyway…

Pretty easy kit to assemble. Everything is in fairly large pieces, so you’re not spending a lot of time assembling bunches of twiddly bits. It went together pretty well. I did have a leg that didn’t line up quite right. But it wasn’t much of a bother. I got it done in an afternoon, and the weather was nice enough for me to prime it. Next, I need to airbrush my base color and stipple the hell out of it. It’s going to be Iron Warriors-themed.

Since word on the street is that a Chaos codex is on its way, I got all warm and fluffy. Fluffy as in – my Iron Warriors need some Khorne Berzerkers! What better way to bring on the pain (…to my wallet), than to order a bunch of World Eater conversion kits from Forgeworld!

I must admit, I REALLY like these kits way more than the GW ones. You can actually see teeth and the whole nine. I wished they were complete kits because the GW legs are kinda goofy to me. I was almost tempted to put the World Eater torsos on top of MkIV Maximus armour from Forgeworld. I still may do that with the next batch, but this is good for now.

I also splurged and got the Forgeworld chainaxes. Nice little addition.

I am holding out for Fenris Games to finally produce the 25mm rounded bases for their SF Ark and Sulaco bases so I can finally base my infantry. I have the larger 40mm and 60mm bases for my larger models, but they have been dragging their feet a bit on the 25mm bases…

I started working on the color scheme. I have soured the web for my inspiration, but I found few that I liked. I don’t want the cherry red color scheme that most people run. I am looking for something a little more orange. So, my idea was to use a couple of colors and get them blended to orange. My lighting is a bit dark, so picking out the highlights is tough because the entire model looks like it’s in shadow. I need to develop my painter’s eye – but here’s what I have thus far…

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