IN PROGRESS: Chaos Dwarfs

I was recently inspired to pick up my Chaos Dwarfs and try to get them knocked out before the end of the summer. With my current 40K playgroup taking a brief hiatus from the game and playing some Warmachine, I figured I’d go in a different direction and finish what I started some time ago.

I started by buying some of the Micro Art Studio Chaos bases. For an army that looks like it’s from the inner crust of the world, these bases couldn’t be passed up. Not to mention the additional effects. There are chaos arrows and thick metal chains all over the bases. Awesome. I did originally have some issues with mounting the Dwarfs on the bases. It’s been documented that the chaos dwarfs don’t rank up well. They are very squat and bulky and they take up all of the 20mm bases.

The second issue I ran into the bases was the rockiness of the sculpt itself. I contacted a friend of mine who does amazing bases and he advised me to sand down the areas where the model will stand to give me a nice solid connection. I whipped out the Dremel and my safety mask and went to town.

Next I ran into another challenge – the bases need to look like lava. I have never painted lava… So, to my local Games Workshop I went. I got a little tutorial and picked up all the necessary colors.

Next, I put on some School Food Punishment on the iPad and settled into my zone. After about 45 minutes consisting of several layers of paint, a light drybrushing, metal painting, washing and highlighting and some gloss varnish, this is what I got:

I surprised myself quite a bit. The base turned out a lot better than I thought it would and it didn’t take long. As a matter of fact, I tried another base and it took only about a half an hour. I am going to continue to knock these bases out. I plan to have the first full tray completed by the end of the week.

Next, I need to come up with a color scheme for the actual Dwarfs. I thought about silver metallic, but having just come off of Iron Warriors, I am not sure I wanna jump into that again. I would really like to do something different and expand my skills.

After the dwarfs units finished up, I have the next unit up on deck. I’d like to proudly present my K’daai Fireborn!

These guys are SO amazing. I didn’t think I’d like them very much at first, but after assembling the first one, I’m hooked. Definitely looking to knock out the larger chaos bases and get some more detailed lava. In addition, I may airbrush these models to look like walking, fighting fireballs! Who doesn’t like walking, fighting fireballs…?

So I finally built up the nerve to throw a little paint on my Chaos Dwarfs. I started out on a test model with my paint scheme and I am not sure that I am 100% sold on it yet.

The basecoat is Citadel’s Base Leadbelcher followed by a wash of the new Agrax Earthshade. That gets the scale mail nice and dark and gets it a little more brown and sooty rather than the usual silver with black wash that I generally see.

I wanted to add a little color to the armor, so I scoured the internet for a nice color scheme to add a little pop. I was inspired by this image, so I picked up some Citadel Base Screaming Bell and cut it with some Citadel Layer Skrag Brown. I just wanted to add a little color band, so I selected a diagonal portion of the mail and proceeded.

After applying the orange mix, I realized I REALLY like that color and I want to modify the scheme a bit to make that color more prominent.


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