The Wonderful World of Wargaming

Happy day after the 4th, people in the US – and happy Thursday to the rest of you! I hope you all had a wonderful day. I did. I got to play a game of WarmaHordes and flip through my friend’s 6th edition Warhammer 40K rulebook. My first impression is – wow!

There are a LOT of changes to the 40K game. There are countless sites and blogs that will talk about the changes — for better or worse — and I am sure I will add my two cents when the time comes. As for now, I am excited that this may give me the opportunity to add new models to an already existing army. With the inclusion of allies in the new rulebook, I can finally dive head first into including a Chaos Guard chapter, adding Imperial Guard to my already existing Iron Warriors army. Talk about firepower. I can also supplement my Dark Eldar army with my existing Eldar army and give my Dark Eldar a much needed long range punch from multiple missile launchers and the dreaded d-cannon. I am not sure of the specifics of how the allies work in 40K, but my “Theory Hammer-ing” is on overdrive.

As for the workshop, I took a few minutes to dig out the Imperial Guard stuff that I acquired a while back when I considered playing a Chaos Guard army. I still have a Valkyrie, Manticore, Sentinels and Death Korps of Krieg Command Squad. I know I have a lot of projects outstanding, but I got inspired to work on the command squad.

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