IN PROGRESS: Necron Triarch Stalker

Happy hobby day! Before I rushed out of the door for work this morning, I decided to snap a couple of preliminary images of my Necron Triarch Stalker project that I was working on last night. There’s nothing custom on this kit. I didn’t do any conversion work or anything. This is a stock kit, and I must say that it is freakin’ amazing! I love large mechs, and this model is close to the size of a Chaos Defiler. The kit is very easy to put together. The 4 back legs are inserted into pegs, so the only posability is in swinging the legs more forward or more backwards. However, the front legs are completely free to be posed however, with a bearing in the middle of the leg so the front talons can be posed, somewhat.

The pilot, I think, is a menacing character. Seemingly larger than other Necron infantry models, it’s got armor and a face that insight fear.

One down, one to go. I have another Stalker that I will be assembling over the next couple of days. The weather in the DC area is a nasty mess. It’s close to 100 degrees and it’s muggy and humid. I will do all my assembly and then wait for a prime priming opportunity later this summer.

Update! 10.25.12

I put down my Choas Iron Warriors for a bit as I got the bug to put Necrons on the table. Here is the Triarch Stalker with a little paint. This is my general paint scheme for this particular army.

I started with a basecoat of Kommando Khaki and Dheneb Stone. Using a zenithal highlighting technique, I applied the base in thin coats to let the black primer show through in the shadowed areas. From there, I added two successive coats, each with white paint added to the mixture. By keeping the paint very thin, it maintained its opacity and I was able to achieve my highlights through coating rather than straight color. I think this gives the color progression a lot more softness.

For the metal (still in progress), I used Reaper Master Blackened Steel. I will apply a drybrush coat of Tarnished Steel once all the metal is completed and wash with a watered down black ink.

For the details, I used Reaper Master Mint Green. This color is definitely the star of the show. To see this army in person, the color actually looks like it’s glowing. Very pleased with the color’s performance.

I still have a ways to go, and this is just the first of three. Stay tuned for more In Progress!

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