OTAKON COUNTDOWN: Bring on the Gundams!

I know this blog is getting very wargaming heavy, so I figured I’d switch it up a bit and talk about my love for robots and girls with big — *cough* guns… With Otakon only a month away, I have begun my annual list of most wanted Gundam kits. On top of the list are the PG Astray Red Frame and the iconic PG RX 78-2. I already own an MG Astray Red Frame, but I happened to see the PG model at an Otakon display last year and HAD to have it.

*Photo from HOBBY OnLine Store HOBBY SEARCH

In addition to Gundam kits, I am also looking to add to my growing collection of anime. I have a list in my iPad of my most wanted titles. (I STILL need to get the Bible Black series. I lent mine out a while back and have not seen them again…)

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