Resistance Is Futile

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. That’s what the voice in my head has been whispering to me since the release of the new Necron codex. I have been fighting the urge, insisting on finishing and enjoying my Iron Warriors army instead. But with every passing day the voice gets more persistent.

The moment of weakness came while looking at some Google images of the Triarch Stalker. That kit is absolutely amazing! And the Canoptek Wraiths – wow! Kudos to the artists, designers and sculptors who put that army together.

And so, today, I realized that I am a weak, weak man when it comes to plastic model kits. Telling myself that I was not going to touch Necrons until I played a dozen games with my new Iron Warriors lasted all of 2 days. I found a deal, and in one fell swoop picked up a Triarch Stalker, 6 Canoptek Wraiths, 3 Command Barges/Annihilation Barges, Zahndrehk and Obyron.

You Never Forget Your First

Necrons were my very first entry into tabletop wargaming. I was visiting a buddy of mine and he had the 4th edition rule book laying on the dining table. I flipped through the pages and stopped dead in my tracks at the Necrons showcase. I instantly fell in love with the metal monstrosities and was delighted to learn that there was a Games Workshop down the road from my house.

So explore I did. I stopped by the Springfield store, managed by the one and only Bing Lee. That day, I walked out with a Necron Lord and 2 boxes of Necron Warriors.

After playing a couple of games, I wanted an army that provided a little variety, and so my carousel of armies and serial army building began. From Necrons to Chaos to Orks to Tau. Tyranids to Eldar to Dark Eldar to Grey Knights. Back to Chaos and closing the circle at Necrons.

After a dormant sleep of 7 years, the inner Phaeron in me has reawakened.

They are coming to reclaim the galaxy.

Assembly for Zahndrehk is easy enough. No major issues from a tabletop standard point of view. I put a sanding disc on my Dremel and got to work. Not sure about bases. Considering just basing the regular GW bases. I would like something simple and scenic, but not sure.


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