PACKAGE: Iron Warriors Reinforcements

Today I picked up a package from the post office. It was a long awaited package full of resin, Forgeworld goodness!

I have been working incredibly hard on knocking off my Iron Warriors. I am building an army that I can play either as Codex Space Marines or Codex Chaos Space Marines. For this reason, I invested in some basic troops armor that can be used for either codex instead of using the standard Chaos armor. Of course, I have specific models for each codex. For instance, I have Obliterators and Defilers for Chaos, and considering Land Speeders for the loyalist book.

For the most part, that majority of it is completed. I have 5 assault terminators, I have 30 MkIII Iron armor troops – and 40 Chaos Space Marines troops just for the hell of it… I have 2 Ironclad Dreadnoughts and 1 Iron Warriors Dread. Two Defilers are completed and I have a cult of Obliterators.

Finally I have invested in a ton of tanks. I am so relieved that I grabbed them before GW’s recent price hike. Six Vindicators, 4 land Raiders and 8 Rhinos are geared up. All with the Forgeworld door upgrade kits where available. I will knock out my Baneblade in the next month or so…

To add to the madness, my package today includes:

Boarding Marine upgrade kits with shields. I am planning to use these as either assault marine troops in the Space Marines book, or Chaos Chosen from the Chaos book. We’ll see what changes are made for the next Chaos book…

Umbra Ferrox Bolters. I am a HUGE fan of these bolters – and they look absolutely amazing with the MKIII Iron Armor!

Ironclad Dreadnought. This now makes 3!

MK IV Maximus Armor. Using these bodies for my Boarding Marine upgrade kits. Looking forward to getting these guys done! I considered just using the MkIII Iron Armor, but I like the clean minimalism of this armor model.Very clean lines and the walking legs pose seems more dynamic.

Once these guys get assembled, primed and base coated, I will snap some pics. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: 06.11.12

I couldn’t wait. After soaking the resin in Diet Coke for a day and a half, I got to cleaning up the pieces and assembling right away. I knocked out the Ironclad Dreadnought in no time. Because this is a tabletop model, I really didn’t feel like spending an incredible amount of time correcting minor issues. I took the Dremel to it and got it to a place I am content. I magnetized the smoke launcher, search lights and flamers. This Mk IV Ironclad dreadnought is definitely one of my favorite dreadnought models. Forgeworld makes some really nice kits (as evidenced by the number of Forgeworld figures in my armies…).

UPDATE: 07.17.12

I began knocking out the troops in preparation for my dive in the new 6th edition Warhammer 40K rulebook. Here are a couple of the new Iron Warriors I am assembling. I LOVE the MkIII Iron Armor from Forgeworld. It’s nice and bulky and the troops look freakin’ amazing. I will be ordering some bases soon and getting the rest of the army completed before the en of the summer. The weather has been really hot and muggy in the DC area, so I have put off all of the painting projects until the weather gets back to comfortable.

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