IN PROGRESS: Iron Warriors Assault Terminators

Working on a 5-man assault squad for 40K.

Using the awesome lightning claws conversion from Chapterhouse and some really nice industrial bases I picked up from ebay, I was able to manage a pretty aggressive looking bunch of Terminators.

I want to be able to use these as assault marines from Codex Space Marines, if I chose, so I stayed away from the trophy racks that run rampant through Chaos sprues. Besides, all that egregious ornamentation is not really suitable for my beloved Iron Warriors. I also kit bashed the heads from both Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines kits. The pre-heresy shoulder pads were one of my favorite touches. Thanx to Chapterhouse again for the sculpts.

Next step is to add some highlights and the signature Iron Warriors hazard stripes and chevrons.

I have a squad of 5 of these menaces. After completing this squad, I was disappointed that it was over so fast. I am seriously considering another 5 man squad – just because I can!

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