PACKAGE: Chapterhouse Terminator Lightning Claws

I got home after a long day yesterday of designing websites other than hobby sites (Privateer Press or some other hobby company is gonna call any time now…) and I was happy to see I received a package. I was working on some assault Terminators for my Iron Warriors and kinda didn’t like the look of the Games Workshop lightning claws. Not to mention they only ship one pair in the box. So I did a little research and found these on Chapterhouse’s website. I think they look awesome. They come in closed hand and open handed pairs and I decided to get some extra so I can pose a model or two with one open and one closed fist. I really liked the length if the claw too. Nice and clean aesthetic.

I started clipping them yesterday and I will get to cleaning in the near future and get these guys finished off. The bases are already completed, so it’s just a matter of getting these guys assembled, primed and painted. With the humidity up in the DC area, that may be a while…

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