HORDES: Legion of Everblight Plastic Wargroup

I really have no Games Workshop hate. Really. I like Games Workshop games. I have TONS of dollars and hours invested in Games Workshop products from Fantasy to 40K and even War of the Rings. However, with price increases and quality issues — especially with Finecast figures — I am finding solace in another system.

Some buddies of mine decided to start a Journeyman League from Privateer Press. So I looked at the armies around me an I chose Khador for the league. Being a complete noob to Warmachine and Hordes, I limited my choices of which army to work with. That was until a buddy came to the house and saw all of the dragon figure I have in my mancave. He suggests I take a look at Legion.

So take a look I did. This was March… I fund out that the plastic wargroup was due out in May. So, for 2 months I sat on my Khador army – eventually losing interest because I wanted to play Legion. Well, the plastic wargroup has released and it took me NO time to assemble and begin painting.

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